Holiday Eggnog Portuguese French Toast

December 8, 2008


December has come around again and its time for me to dig up some holiday recipes. This is an everyday favorite around this time of the year for breakfast. I usually make it in the morning for my kids. The Portuguese sweet bread that is used compliments all the other aspects of the dish as well as making the french toast light and fluffy. In Massachusetts I like to buy it from a baker that is located in Tiverton, R.I, Prim Rose Bakery. They have several vendors in my area which carry their sweet bread (Hannaford Supermarket, Christmas Tree Shops). I’m sure in other areas you can find the equivalent Hawaiian sweet bread which is a modified Portuguese bread. Quick and fun. Make a lot, they will want seconds. Serves 3.

3 Eggs

1/4 c. Milk

tsp. Nutmeg

tsp. Cinammon

1/8c. Eggnog

Bend the ingredients together and beat as if scrambling eggs. You want to get the mixture as well blended as possible. Cut pieces of the Portuguese bread and drop into the bowl with the mixture in it. Soak the bread on both sides. Transfer to a hot pan greased with butter or margarine (i prefer butter always).  Cook on both sides until the french toast is completely puffed in the middle. Serve with maple syrup, butter and brown sugar or fruit topping of your choice.



  1. Is this made with loaf type sweetbread or the typical dome type? Also does it matter which brand of eggnog? I am from MA too so I will have the same brands as you.

  2. The dome type of Portuguese bread is ideal. I usually cut mine so it forms a point on one side and cut from each side of the point. This way the pieces are small enough to work with (large loafs can be 12″+ across). The eggnog I use in this recipe myself is the original “golden” eggnog that Hood sells. This year I noticed that they have come out with other types as well, Sugar Cookie and Pumpkin. I imagine with some experimenting and creativity these might be incorporated into the recipe. I know that Southern Comfort brand is sold nationwide and quite cheap but don’t know about that “Southern Comfort” taste with french toast.

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